Healthy Living: Why Sore Muscles Are a Good Thing

Posted by Tyler Smith on Feb 15, 2017 4:19:06 PM
Tyler Smith

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Every gym-goer has heard horror stories of going up stairs following a tough leg day, but sore muscles are not a bad thing. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, or DOMS, is a beneficial soreness that peaks about 24-36 hours after your phsical activity and can last a couple of days.

Benefits of Sore Muscles

  • It means you stressed your muscles and had a great workout.
  • The metabolic benefits your body recieves after a workout and during the ensuing soreness is healthy.
  • Your sore muscles are an indication of micro-rips and tears in your muscle fibers, which allow them to grow stronger over time.

How to Cope With Sore Muscles

  • Massage therapy and foam rolling is very beneficial in providing relief to sore muscles.
  • Move and walk normal — limping when sore or moving unnaturally can delay the soreness from recovering.
  • Keep loose and warm. The last thing you mentally want to do when overly sore is go back to the gym, but by going to the gym and stretching out after warming up, you are helping your body to heal itself.

Many of our apartment communities come equipped with 24/7 fitness centers available to all residents. It is a way to stay healthy and save money on gym memberships!

Be well.

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