The Hallmarks of a Good Homeowners Association

Posted by Kate Hightshoe on Jun 14, 2017 9:15:00 AM
Kate Hightshoe
Homeowners associations seem to be everywhere these days, and a quick Google search will return pages of results explaining what an HOA is and how homeowners benefit from living within an association. But what exactly makes an HOA good? In other words, what can you expect from a high-quality homeowners association?

Community PoolFrequent Communication

A good HOA keeps homeowners informed about neighborhood happenings and association business. Through regular updates and timely follow-up to questions or issues, residents come to trust that the HOA has their best interests in mind. Conversely, it is important for homeowners to develop constructive communication strategies with the association to maintain a strong, productive relationship.  

Economies of Scale

By working with a professional management company, an HOA can utilize that company's relationships with various vendors to implement routine upkeep and other maintenance services at a competitive cost. Homeowners can rest assured their dues are being used efficiently and responsibly, and work will be completed in a timely fashion by professionals.

Value-Added Solutions

At the most basic level, a community association is tasked with managing budgets and maintaining common spaces. However, the HOAs that go above and beyond are those that offer value to homeowners outside of the services outlined in a management agreement. Examples include community-building events and activities and a rewards program that connects homeowners to deals with local businesses.
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