How to Use 2018's Hottest Color: Oceanside

Posted by Rachel Flint on Dec 6, 2017 8:30:00 AM
Rachel Flint

As 2017 comes to a close and we look ahead to 2018, paint trends are all the talk for the inside (and potentially the outside) of your home. Each year, Sherwin-Williams releases a forecast of colors naming the must-have color for the upcoming year.

This year the crown goes to Oceanside.

Oceanside is described as a “rich blue with a hint of jewel-toned green.” Ncolor-swatch.jpgot only is this marine-inspired blue bold, its use is far from boring. This color will give a pop to any bland space and bring a mid-century-modern feel to any home no matter the type; brick Tudor, sleek ranch, turn-of-the-century, you name it.

So, where do you use this color?


Idea #1 : 

Oceanside is multi-dimensional so it works great for small pops of colors in vases, hand towels, pictures, rugs or paired with patterns as a “backsplash” in built-in cabinets.

This type of blue loves drama. It’s best paired with gold accents or shimmering metallics such as knobs, door handles, picture frames or light fixtures.


Idea #2: 

Looking for a lively front door that makes a statement in any neighborhood? Put a splash of Oceanside on your entryway and it’s sure to catch attention. Instead of an accent color in the back of a built-in, why not paint your entire built-in’s in Oceanside? Adorn the blue with golden knobs, picture frames and a light gray backsplash behind the bookshelves and you’ve created a statement piece.


 Idea #3:

This blue works as a fantastic accent wall color in a home office that is overflowing with natural light. Talk about a big look for a bedroom or a cozy reading nook – all you need is light cream or gray-colored bedding or furniture to make the space truly unique.

There’s a list of color palettes that pair well with Oceanside including, but obviously not limited to: pink, yellow, navy and other blues. Those looking to continue the eye-catching pop of colors may be drawn to Exuberant Pink or Honey Bees. Oceanside can also be toned down when put next to other blues such as In The Navy or Adrift. Other colors which coordinate well with Oceanside, especially for furniture and accents, are a gray-white or Limon (yellow-green).

Oceanside Color .00_00_27_10.Still001.jpg

Be sure to show us your photos of how you use Oceanside in your home and use #SWColorLove and #SweetHomeHubbell!

Hubbell Homes is happy to present Oceanside in many of our color palettes and accents. Check out how our Design Studio Manager Stacey is already using Oceanside in our homes!


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